Yorkshire Smart Home Renovation



6 Bedrooms - 8000 Sq-Ft


Yorkshire Smart Home Renovation

  • Audio Distribution
  • Video Distribution
  • CCTV
  • Smart Lighting
  • Heating Control
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Outdoor Speakers/Lighting
  • Intercom
  • Interior & Exterior Motion Sensors
  • Automatic Gates
  • Wi-Fi and Network
  • In-ceiling TV lifts
  • Home Cinema System
  • Full Art of Smart Aftercare Plan


Multiroom Audio System including the following equipment:

  • Pulse8 1632 Audio Matrix 
  • Triad IC83 Speakers 
  • Triad IC83-DT Speakers 
  • Triad OD26 Outdoor Speakers 
  • Episode All Weather Speakers for the Pool ES-Core-38-AWIC 
  • Triad PAMP8 Amplifier 

2.1 System for the lounge including the following equipment:

  • Triad LCR Soundbar 
  • Gallo Profile Subwoofer 
  • Triad One Amplifier

7.2.4 Cinema System including the following equipment: 

  • Triad Bronze Subwoofer 
  • Bowers and Wilkins CWM7.5S2
  • Bowers and Wilkins CCM663SR
  • Bowers and Wilkins CCM663(P)
  • Anthem MRX1140 
  • Sony XW590-ES Projector 
  • 110" Projecta Fixed Frame Screen

Motion Sensors Using the following Equipment: 

  • Control4 IO Expander 
  • Faradite Motion Sensor
  • Faradite IP67 Motion Sensor
  • GJD Motion Sensors 

Wi-Fi & Data Network using the following equipment: 

  • Araknis 210 48 Port Front Switch 
  • Araknis 210 24 Port Rear Switch 
  • Draytek Vigor Router 
  • Ruckus R350 Indoor Access Point 
  • Ruckus T350 Outdoor Access Point 

Touch Screens including: 

  • T4 10-inch In-wall Touch Screen 
  • T4 10-inch Tabletop Touch Screen 

Control4 Automation System including: 

  • Control4 CA-10 
  • Control4 EA5 
  • Control4 EA1 
  • 44U Rack 

UPS & Power Management using: 

  • Aten PDU & Temperature & Humidity Sensor 
  • 2 APC UPS 
  • DS2 Intercom on Gate 
  • PS40 TV Brackets 
  • Integrated AC Controls 
  • Integrated Steam Room Controls 
  • TV Lifts in Master and Bedroom 2 - Inverted Lift System Light - Box Enclosure 3

Full Control4 Lighting Control Including the following Equipment: 

  • Adaptive Phase Dimmer 
  • Relay 
  • Bus Ethernet Gateway 
  • Bus Power Supply 
  • 8 Port Ethernet Switch 
  • Control4 Square Wired Configurable Keypads 
  • Face4 Satin Brass Faceplates 
  • C4E5 Future Automation Panel 


We are absolutely thrilled to showcase one of our most ambitious takeover projects to date - our Yorkshire Smart Home Renovation & Refurb!

The client approached us in early 2022 us to takeover and upgrade the control system in this stunning Yorkshire property. The client already was already working with electricians but wanted us to join the project to work on the Clipsal system that was already in place and failing. We recommended a complete overhaul to a Control4 system to allow for much smoother installation and integration process and much more automation options, something which the client was more than onboard for.

After an extensive design and survey process, our work on the Yorkshire Smart Home Renovation project began in the summer of 2022. Due to the size of the property and the scale of the renovation and refurb, the project was carried out in stages.

The first stage of the Yorkshire Smart Home Renovation involved the removal of the previous control system and replacing it with Control4 components. This process was also completed in stages so that aspects of the property such as lighting and heating were still functional in areas which were being worked on. At this stage we also installed the 44u termination box that was built off site. As more of the property had progressed from the interior design standpoint, we then added TVs and Lifts, motion sensors, speakers, touchscreens and more.

The final room for us to complete was the cinema room. We first installed the 7.2.4 audio system, Future Automation projector lift & Sony Projector followed by the 110 Projecta screen to cover the front audio speakers and the stunning Starscape fibre optic ceiling to cover the in ceiling speakers.

Once the majority of the property was renovated we then installed the 44u rack into the property. This allowed us to complete the final install and automation programming throughout the home such as scheduled lighting and heating.

Our client expressed a strong desire for an immersive sound experience throughout the home, especially in the kitchen, dining room and upstairs Game & Bar room. To fulfil this, we strategically positioned ceiling speakers in each room. As the client is often hosting guests, this allows for a party like atmosphere throughout every space in the home.

As the client is a sports enthusiast they installed a cutting-edge golf simulator in the renovated garage. In this space we incorporated in ceiling speakers and LED lighting throughout to offer a more immersive experience.

The inclusion of a video doorbell intercom and gate control system was driven by our client's need for security and convenience. They sought a solution that would allow them to see and communicate with visitors at their doorstep, whether they were at home or away. This feature not only provides peace of mind but also enables effortless management of visitors. The intercom system in the property can also be used to call other rooms in the house as well.

In the master bedrooms, we utilised the previous ceiling TV lift space to install much more reliable Future Automation drop down lifts. At the touch of a button, the TV emerges  from the ceiling, offering personalised entertainment. When not in use, the TV seamlessly retracts, preserving the aesthetics of both rooms.

Seamless access to video content was another priority, we implemented a comprehensive video distribution system, enabling high-quality streaming to multiple screens throughout the home. This allows our clients to enjoy their favourite shows and movies from any room in the home including the cinema room.

Creating the perfect ambiance was achieved through LED colour-changing lighting throughout the mansion. Our client desired the ability to effortlessly adjust the lighting to suit their mood or occasion. The clients prefer a neutral or warmer tones but have the ability to change this via the colour wheels on the touchscreens or Control4 app.

Climate control was a top priority for our client. To meet their needs, we installed a state-of-the-art Heatmiser heating control system that enables easy regulation of the temperature in each room. This ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year via radiators or underfloor heating.

Due to the size of the property, we strategically placed discrete access points throughout the mansion, providing reliable and high-speed wireless internet access in every corner.

This home is almost unrecognisable compared to pre-renovation self and the upgraded Control4 system has added convenience, comfort and peace of mind for the clients day in and day out.

Satin Brass Face4 faceplates and the rest of the range are available here.

Check out the video updates of the incredible Yorkshire Smart Home Renovation below or check out more project on our YouTube Channel 

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