"The past few years have shown us that spending quality time with 
loved ones in the comfort of our homes is crucial."

Here at Art of Smart, we elevate your living experience with our premium smart home solutions, crafted to blend luxury with functionality. Visualise a home that adapts to your lifestyle, where you can relax on your patio with your favourite music playing in the background, or engage in a cosy family movie night, all the while enjoying robust Wi-Fi connectivity for your work and leisure needs. All managed through a single universal control.

Our team of seasoned professionals are committed to creating an effortless experience for you. Utilising Control4, we orchestrate all your home systems into a unified, easy-to-navigate interface. Whether you're away on holiday or on an important business trip, the security of your home remains at your fingertips.

We are devoted to constructing a home environment that truly enhances your quality of life. From immersive music and entertainment to comprehensive home security and automation, we've got all aspects covered. Want to see our exceptional smart home solutions in action?  Get in touch with us today to book a demo at our office, or visit our YouTube channel to see our previous work. 

Your dream home is only a conversation away.
Smart Home SolutionsDesign & Consultancy
Design your home with an infrastructure that adapts to your changing needs over time, with our team's expertise in creating systems for properties of all sizes. 

Our Smart Home solutions will stand the test of time and continue to meet your needs and budget well into the future.

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CONTACTCinema & Media Rooms
Create a personalised space for watching movies or catching up on your favourite shows with Art of Smart's bespoke home cinema and media rooms.

Our team designs functional and stylish spaces, tailored to your unique needs and budget, providing high-quality audio-visual experiences.

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Wi-Fi & Networking
We understand the importance of reliable Wi-Fi for modern life, so we ensure strong connectivity throughout your home and grounds, hardwiring as many connections as possible for stability.

Regardless of the construction of your home or how many layers of foil back insulation the building uses, we’ll ensure a solutions and back up systems for a flawless service.

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Smart Lighting 
Our smart lighting systems go beyond basic controls from your phone. We create solutions to enhance your daily life, like a "house off" button by your front door and motion-sensor lighting in your En-suite.

Our team can set up buttons on your keypad for specific activities like cooking, relaxing, or entertaining, making it easy to set the perfect lighting scene in any room, from anywhere.

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Smart Security & CCTV
Our smart security systems  provide real-time notifications and even send video snapshots  to your phone as soon as your property boundary is passed. It can even be paired with security lighting, audible deterrents and 24-hour CCTV monitoring. 

Achieve the ultimate peace of mind with our smart home solutions. Protect your home and feel secure with Art of Smart.

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Multi-room Audio SystemsMulti-Room Audio
We can provide a range of multi-room audio solutions that allow you to access your favourite playlists and streaming services in every room of your home. 

We offer discreet, ceiling, or high-end floor speakers, making it easy for you to enjoy music at any time, whether you are cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the bath, or hosting a BBQ outside. Never miss a beat again.

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Video Distribution

Video distribution has never been easier with Art of Smart. No more clutter from multiple boxes, remotes, and wires while trying to watch your favourite shows on Sky or binge-watching the latest films on Netflix. 

We provide Smart Home solutions that enable you to watch your favourite content in any room of the house, hassle free and with one remote.

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Electrical Installation

We provide exceptional electrical installation services and work with a national network of partners to help plan and execute every aspect of your smart home system, providing a dedicated point of contact throughout the project.

Trust Art of Smart for a top-notch electrical installation.

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wales smart homeVideo Intercoms & Gate Controls
Our video intercom and gate control systems offer enhanced home security and convenience. Never miss a delivery or guest again with our video intercoms connected to your smart home system. Open your gate from anywhere in the world and receive notifications to your phone or via your homes speakers.

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Yorkshire Bespoke Smart HomeWindow Treatments
We can help you save energy and time with automated window treatments. With a variety of fabric and style options, your shades or curtains can be integrated with your smart home system to open and close at specific times. Get a cohesive look with the help of your interior designer, and say goodbye to rolling a house full of blinds up each morning

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Climate Control
Discrete climate control systems are quickly becoming a service we find ourselves installing on the majority of our projects. From AC to underfloor heating, we can help make your home comfortable all year round and run as efficiently as possible

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Custom Automation Solutions
At Art of Smart we know that no solution worth having comes out of the box ready to go. Over the years we have created solutions for clients for a multitude of issues. From hiding projectors in ceilings, bespoke colour matched tech that blends in seamlessly, even door triggers that set the mood of a room the second you walk in. The only limit is your creativity. 

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Motion Sensors
Internal and external sensors do much more than just security.  We can install  sensors to trigger custom events when you arrive home, or power off systems when nobody is using a room. Say goodbye to lights being left on and hello to energy savings.

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Smart Renewables
Smart renewables are the future of energy. Get ahead of the curve and see how you can take control of your power consumption. From car chargers to in home Battery storage, let Art of Smart help you take the first step towards a green independence and energy bill savings.

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Art of Smart's AOS Aftercare service provides comprehensive support for your smart home system. Available 7 days a week via phone, email, and WhatsApp, our team monitors and proactively resolves issues as they arise. We also notify you of any internet outages. Trust us to keep your smart home running smoothly long after your project is complete.

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System Rescue
Smart home system issues? We can help. Art of Smart offers expertise to rescue your system, even if we did not install it. Contact us for assistance, even without drawings or documentation. 

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