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Def Stan 16-2 Type A Unscreened Control Cable LSHF 100m

Originally developed for military and defence, Def Stan 16-2 (Type A) cables (also known as Defence Standard cables) are now widely used in many industries for a variety of different applications.

Def Stan cables are a robust and economical choice which can also be oversheathed or armoured for duct installation or direct burial. Def Stan cables should not be used a mains connection cables. Applications include data processing, information transfer, process control and security as well as many industrial applications.

This Def Stan (Type A) cable is unscreened, featuring tinned copper wire strands, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) insulation and a black LSZH outer jacket. Screened options are also held in stock, all offered in a range of different core counts.
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