Face4: The Ideal Solution to Personalise Your Smart Home Lighting Experience

What Are Face4 Faceplates?

In the realm of smart home automation, Control4 is known for delivering top-tier, user-friendly solutions. But what if we could enhance your Control4 experience even further? Introducing Face4 faceplates - an innovative product designed to seamlessly blend your smart home system with your personal style.

Face4 faceplates are uniquely designed replacements for the standard Control4 faceplates. Instead of the conventional plastic or metal finishes and rounded shape of Control4, Face4 brings a touch of elegance with its square-shaped design. This design subtlety shifts the aesthetic while maintaining compatibility with your existing Control4 smart home system.

Face4 comes in 10 standard metal finishes with a black trim. They are available as square UK plates and US Decora Plates which are rectangular in shape.

If you are in the trade or an installer, demo kits and brochures are available to show your clients or to use in your showroom spaces.

The Journey of Face4

In late 2020, Art of Smart acquired the company and patent for Face4 and began working closely with Focus SB, a manufacturing company based on the south coast of the country. This collaboration aimed to streamline the manufacturing process and further improve the quality of the faceplates. The result? An unmatched quality product that elevates your smart home experience.

Face4 Satin Chrome

Bespoke and Quality Manufacturing

Focus SB takes customisation a notch higher by offering a unique custom finish process. This process ensures that your Face4 faceplates can match any other sockets and accessories in your home, ensuring a seamless aesthetic throughout. With Face4, you can level up your smart lighting system while maintaining a consistent and stylish look. You can watch our Focus SB Factory tour here.

Getting Your Face4 Faceplates

Ready to redefine your smart home experience? Face4 faceplates and demo kits are available for purchase here. Make your Control4 system not only about high-tech convenience but also about reflecting your personal style. If you're interested in ordering a pack of brochures (and smarties!) click here.

Stay Updated with Face4

For more inspiration and updates, be sure to follow Face4 on Instagram here. Discover a world where technology meets style, and keep an eye out for the latest trends and developments in smart home aesthetics.

In Conclusion

Face4 Faceplates bring a refreshing change to the world of smart home technology, proving that functionality and design can indeed go hand in hand. They offer the perfect way to personalize your Control4 system, enabling you to enjoy the wonders of smart home technology while staying true to your unique style.

Embrace the future of smart home design with Face4 faceplates - where innovation and aesthetics unite.


Face4 Faceplate


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