Multi-Room Video

Control4 Video Distribution

Never has watching your favourite TV show been so simple.

Never has watching your favourite shows on Sky or Virgin, binge watching the latest season on Netflix, or watching a movie with family and friends been so simple. with so much content available to us from many different providers, multiple boxes, remotes, and wires can clutter your living space.

Multi-Room Video

Control4 Remotes

Video distribution means we can hide those ugly boxes - even the kids’ games console -  in one of our A/V racks, leaving you with only the TV on the wall. You’ll still have access to all your content in every room in the house, meaning you can watch Sky in the living room, enjoy Amazon Prime in the bath, set the kids up with Disney+ in the media room, check the security cameras from bed, play games consoles in multiple rooms, or have access to it all from your cinema room.

Forget that coffee table full of remotes, we’ll replace that with just one remote so that you can sit back and enjoy.

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