If the last few years has taught us anything, spending time with family and friends and enjoying time in our homes should be the top priority.

Whether that is music with friends on the patio, great WiFi for the kids’ homework and working from home, family movie nights or football with the lads in the cinema room, or the peace of mind that your home is secure when away on holiday or business, Art of Smart’s focus is to create a home that enhances your lifestyle. We tie all your home systems together in a simple to use interface so you can focus on enjoying precious moments in your home.
Design & Consultancy

How you plan to use your new home might not be how you actually use it in five year’s time. Calling on the experience of a team who have worked in homes from 2-25,000+ square feet means you can leverage our expertise and have your home designed with an infrastructure that can grow with you, your family, or maybe even your budget while standing the test of time.

Art of Smart’s in-house design team can work with you to create plans and drawings for all of the tech, AV, electrical & lighting your home could ever need. We even create renders in 2D and virtual reality to help you visualise some of our more bespoke solutions, such as a cinema room or games room and bar.

If you are planning a project and would like some help or guidance on wiring to put your electrician on the right path, we also offer bespoke design only services to clients worldwide.

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Home Cinema & Media Rooms

Whether you’re after a media room for watching big screen movies with the family, inviting friends over to watch football, or binge watch your favourite Netflix shows, we can create a bespoke space that works for you (and your budget). 

We offer a full range of services, from upgrading TV sound systems to creating turnkey Dolby Atmos cinema rooms with bespoke cinema seating and luxurious interiors that add that extra bit of theatre to movie nights.

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Wi-Fi Solutions

It goes without saying that having good Wi-Fi and connectivity in today’s homes is an absolute must, whether it’s for the kids doing their homework, business video calls, or a million things in between. Regardless of the construction of your home or how many layers of foil back insulation the building uses, we’ll ensure you are getting reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home and grounds. We hard wire everything we can so you benefit from solid, reliable connections and no buffering on the TV.

If your home is located in an area with bad internet coverage or suffers regular internet drops, we can design and install 4G or satellite backups that seamlessly switch over if the connection ever drops.

For larger homes or estates, we can also install fibre optic leased lines or VOIP phone solutions for your home.

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Smart Home Lighting Systems

Adding smart lighting to your project isn’t just about turning lights on and off from your phone, it’s about having an ‘all off’ button by the front door which turns off all lighting, tv, and audio systems as you leave the house. It’s about having motion censored lighting in en-suites that only brings the lighting on low whilst using the bathroom at night. It’s about pressing a button on the keypad that says ‘cooking’, ‘dining’ or ‘entertaining’ which sets the scene perfectly, bringing the lights on to a pre-determined level without having to flick loads of switches or dimmers to set the mood.

Lighting can transform the spaces in your home and it should be sophisticated yet functional. Layering traditional light fittings with colour changing LED strips means you can switch up your space when it’s party time.

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Smart Security & CCTV

Prevention is always better than the cure and you deserve to feel safe and protected in your home. Our CCTV and smart security systems can notify you and even send snapshot pictures or videos straight to your phone the second the garden perimeter is breached or a gate is opened so you aware of a potential situation before it happens. We can pair this with security lighting, audible deterrents, and/or CCTV that is monitored 24 hours a day along with police response to your alarm.

Alongside CCTV & intruder alarms, we can design and install door lock access control, insurance approved safes, security doors, panic rooms, & security smoke systems that can fill your garage or dressing room to protect your valuables.

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Multi-Room Audio

Whether you want a relaxing playlist in the bath, radio in the shower, Spotify in the kitchen, or tunes for a BBQ out on the terrace or by pool, we have a variety of audio options. We can install discrete speakers, ceiling speakers, or really big fancy speakers and enable access to all your favourite playlists and streaming services straight from the app or a touchscreen in every room of the house.

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Video Distribution

Never has watching your favourite shows on Sky or Virgin, binge watching the latest season on Netflix, or watching a movie with family and friends been so simple. with so much content available to us from many different providers, multiple boxes, remotes, and wires can clutter your living space.

Video distribution means we can hide those ugly boxes - even the kids’ games console - in one of our A/V racks, leaving you with only the TV on the wall. You’ll still have access to all your content in every room in the house, meaning you can watch Sky in the living room, enjoy Amazon Prime in the bath, set the kids up with Disney+ in the media room, check the security cameras from bed, play games consoles in multiple rooms, or have access to it all from your cinema room.

Forget that coffee table full of remotes, we’ll replace that with just one remote so that you can sit back and enjoy.

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Electrical Installation

If you already have an electrician lined up on your project, we can work collaboratively to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, if you haven’t thought that far ahead yet or you would like your electrical installation to be designed by Art of Smart or its national network of partners, we can help with this too. We apply the same level of meticulous planning and execution to every smart home system and provide you with a single point of contact for the duration of the project.

Our founder’s background was electrical and we still have electricians on our team that are apprentice trained and registered with all the relevant accreditations. If you’d like to keep your cost down while still benefiting from AOS’s quality installation standard, we recommend using one of our partners, all of which have been trained and accredited through our in house academy.

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Video Intercoms & Gate Control

Having a video intercom that connects to your smart home means you never have to miss a parcel again. Opening the gate for a delivery driver or to letting guests in can be done from your mobile phone or any of the touchscreens throughout the house. Because the intercom is connected to your smart home system, it comes through to your mobile phone whether you’re in the house or away from home. It also means that speakers around the house will notify you of a guest’s presence whether you’re in the kitchen or out in the garden. 

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Window Treatments

Imagine a home where the curtains and blinds automatically close at sunset each day and then open again by simply pressing a button or linking them to your alarm. Whether its curtains or voils, rollers or romans, we can add window treatments to any size window with endless fabric options to choose from.

If you have an interior designer involved on your project, we can co-ordinate with them to ensure that the fabrics complement your interiors.

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AOS Aftercare

Without a doubt, aftercare is the most important service we offer. We would be lying if we said things didn’t go wrong from time to time (it is technology after all). Whether it be that pesky Sky box locking up, you’ve forgotten a password, or just need some friendly guidance, AOS Aftercare is on hand long after your project completes. Our aftercare team proactively monitor your smart home system and fix little issues as they arise. We will also practively notify you of any internet outages that may affect your Wi-Fi. AOS Aftercare is responsive 9am-9pm seven days a week via our dedicated support phone number, email address or WhatsApp account that is exclusive to aftercare clients.

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System Rescue

What if you didn’t choose Art of Smart to install your smart home and you’re looking for system rescue? Perhaps your installer has gone bust, forgotten how to answer their phone, or you’ve simply lost confidence. Art of Smart has the expertise to undertake this kind of work even when no system drawings or documentation is present.

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